Amazon Pay ICICI Card

How to apply for an Amazon Pay ICICI Card

The Amazon Pay ICICI Card brings many benefits. Firstly, the ICICI Bank issued a credit card in association with Amazon Pay (India) Private Limited has no joining fee, annual fee, or renewal fee for a lifetime. The system is such that any purchase, whether on or elsewhere generates earnings. Amazon Pay balance reflects the gains under the Gift and Credits section.

The extremely commercial nature of the data-driven contemporary world is continually looking for discounts and incomes from one source or the other.

In terms of supply chains when goods travel across the globe and pass through many hands along the way, each vendor earns an income. If intermediaries were reduced, the products would be far cheaper. 

Credit card shopping makes many discounts and earnings since large sums are spent on shopping. Online sales reduce prices with intense competition, an extensive range of goods, and minimal running costs.

Amazon Pay ICICI Card application process

Though ICICI is the banking partner, Amazon Pay issues and manages the card. Thus, the application cannot be made from ICICI Bank. Applications are only possible via the Amazon India Website.

Unlike other credit cards, the application for this card is only by invitation. In your Amazon account, go to the ‘Apply Now’ button on the marketing page of the credit card. This button is visible below the banner only to invite customers who have not applied so far.

You will be asked about the ICICI bank account. Though not compulsory, an ICICI bank account will help in managing the statement from the mobile application. The mobile number will be confirmed through OTP, and you need to fill in the address for card delivery. After the confirmation of details, the card will be immediately generated. Wait for the hard copy of Amazon Pay ICICI Card to be delivered to the address within seven days.

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The answer to the question as to why it is a restricted invite-based credit card is the testing phase. The credit card is entirely new, and the first set would be issued to invited users alone. Further, you need to be associated with ICICI bank, whether through an account, debit, or credit card.

The ICICI link is no guarantee that you would figure in the invited group. If lucky enough to be a part of the invited list, Amazon will contact you through email or the registered mobile number. Instructions regarding the application procedure will be informed.

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