Best mutual funds for SIP

10 Best mutual funds for SIP in 2019

“A penny saved is a penny earned.” With best mutual funds for SIP everyone makes plans to invest money and build a prosperous future. But most of the people are still in doubt about the investment plans.

Here are the 10 best mutual funds for sip for the individuals who are planning to invest through SIP
  • Axis bluechip fund

It was one of the best large-cap funds in the year of 2018 which had an impressive outperformance and also held a good grasp over a long period. Fund manager Shreyas Devalkar, who is also an industry veteran, has been in charge since November 16. Even though he supports only a few stocks, he chooses them well.

  •  Axis long term equity fund

One of the most favored SIP plans for individuals who are looking for regular returns. It is focused on consistent ROI. It has provided an excellent outcome since its launch over a decade.

  • Mirae asset tax saver equity fund

This product has become immensely popular due to its stellar returns which were launched in 2015. It holds the large market such as Maruti, HDFC Bank, TCS, reliance industries, L and T in its bag, which makes the fund stand firm during market turbulence.

  • ICICI Prudential value discovery fund

These stocks are exposed to have a marked improvement in the present market conditions. Earlier, the fund seemed to be a risky investment for investors due to the heavily invested mid-cap stocks, but nowadays the large-cap has become as high as 80%, which shows a high possibility of consistent future.

  • Franklin India prima fund

The fund is being offered from the Franklin India mutual fund AMC, which has an objective of providing capital appreciation with regular income to investors.

  • HDFC small-cap funds

In spite of the bloodshed of 2018, the fund has provided the best outperformance for the investors.

  • DSP equity opportunities fund

Generating a regular income and providing capital appreciation to its investors are the two objectives of DSP. Moreover, DSP funds have maintained an outstanding portfolio of investments.

  • Kotak standard multi-cap fund

The fund which is managed by Harsha Upadhyaya since 2012 has provided a regular income to the investors and stars among the 10 best mutual funds for SIP (Systematic Investment Plan).

  • Mirae Asset emerging bluechip fund

Top performing fund in the broad and mid-cap category which is managed by Neelesh since 2013 is a consistent performer. The fund has invested 33% of its resources in this sector. One of the leading investment companies which provide the best results to its investors.

  • Invesco India contra fund

It is a kind of investment in which the manager invests the stocks which are currently underperforming. The fund is managed by Amit Ganatra and Taher Badshah which is expected to perform well in the upcoming years.

The list mentioned above includes the best mutual funds for SIP in which you can invest for best returns. Source

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