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Everything about the BJP MLA Reena Thakur and Upen Pandit Controversy

Party banishment may be disgraceful, but it serves as a warning. Morality in India is suffering, and pornography is to blame for common gang rapes. Both BJP young politicians, Upen Pandit, and Reena Thakur, they maintained a long illicit relationship.

Now when their s*x video went viral showing the couple in the bathroom, they earned a bad name in conservative Indian society.

Upen Pandit is 31 years old and hails from Kullu in Himachal Pradesh. Girlfriend Reena Thakur from Shimla is 36 years. Upen Pandit is a youth leader, and Reena Thakur belongs to the Women’s Cell. They went together on several journeys and visited Manali and Shimla.

Do Reena Thakur deserve such a party expulsion?

Scandal is typical, and the new age is permissive. Global influences are pouring in via the television and the internet. What happens to traditional Indian values? We indeed have to change with the times, but the majority of Indians lives in typical villages! How to maintain the balance?

The audio clip did further damage

An audio file that records a conversation between Reena Thakur and Upen Pandit’s spouse has also gone viral.

The spouse knew of the relationship and warned Reena to avoid her husband. And she talked to her brother and hubby too. The mobile phone talk reached a large number of listeners who were quick to point fingers at Reena.

Social media influence

Nowadays, nothing can remain secret for long. Social media will quickly distribute anything shameful. Reputations can be built up very fast on social media and also swiftly ruined.

Though Reena Thakur had good influence politically, associated with and praised by Prem Kumar Dhumal and Jai Ram Thakur, Reena earned a bad name. The easily recognized face of Reena suffered and soon blackened.

Reena Thakur, along with Ugen Pandit, has to suffer for their misdeeds. It is a grim reminder that traditional Indian society will not tolerate such pornographic videos, especially by the known faces of political leaders. Source

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