HDFC Best Mutual Fund

What are the HDFC Best Mutual Fund?

HDFC Best Mutual Fund are one of the most popular investment options in India. There consistent and high returns have drawn the attention of many potential investors worldwide.

Comparing to other investment options, mutual funds are a way better, in terms of providing a better rate of returns. If you wish to invest in mutual funds, then you need to educate yourself about the various types of mutual fund houses in India.

This article will introduce you about 5 HDFC Best Mutual Fund, which are known to be the top mutual funds houses in the nation. Mutual funds can be categorized under equity, hybrid, and debt funds. The ranges of funds are meant to cater to the various types of investment needs of the people.

Top 5 HDFC Best Mutual Fund to invest in 2019

If you visit their website, you will come across many mutual fund schemes. The return of every project differs from one another. Given below is the list of HDFC mutual funds that have yielded good return to their investors.

HDFC small-cap fund

 This fund tops the list of the HDFC mutual fund returns. The single year return of this fund is more than 22%. Whereas, the 3-years return and five years return is 18% and 21% respectively.

HDFC prudence fund

The second in the list is the HDFC prudence fund which gave a return of 15.5% in a year. However, the 3-year yield was 11% and 17.4 to percent for the five-year return.

HDFC capital builder fund

HDFC capital builder fund ranked third among the top five HDFC mutual fund schemes. The fund gave 18% annual return last year. The 3-years and 5-years return of this fund is 14% and 20% respectively.

HDFC long term advantage fund

 This fund gave a massive 19% return on one-year investment. However, for 3-year returns, it is not so satisfactory and gave 12 — 1 %. HDFC long term advantage fund gave a consistent performance of 18.8% for five years.

HDFC tax saver fund

Fifth on the list is HDFC tax saver fund which yielded 18.6% return in one year. However, the 3-years performance of this fund was quite less as compared to the other five funds in the list. It only gave 10.2% return in 3 years and a 17.8% return in 5 years.

Mutual fund investments are always risky, and it is advisable to consult a financial advisor before you choose any scheme. They will help you to select an HDFC Best Mutual Fund scheme based on your perspective of investment. Source

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