Jobs after Bcom and Salary

Top 15 Jobs and Salary Ranges after completing B.Com

Getting Jobs after Bcom and good salary has been quite competitive in India these days. However, we have listed down all the imp jobs and wages that one can go for after completing their graduation degree.

Bachelor of Commerce is a popular 3-year degree course consisting of 6 semesters offered by many Indian universities in the regular or distance education mode.

It is an excellent career choice in a world that is overloaded with business activity. The course promotes an understanding of finance and accounting, taxation and economics, business law, insurance, and management.

Further subjects dealt with could encompass Information Science, International Business and Human Resources, Marketing Management and Tourism. Good Jobs after Bcom and Salary depend upon several factors like the market conditions. Graduate Job Roles

B.Com graduates are in high demand and could work with companies in government or private sectors as an Accountant or Auditor, Consultant or Company Secretary.

Many more job roles are feasible as a Business Analyst or Finance Officer, Sales Analyst or Junior Analyst, Tax Accountant, or Stock Broker.

Where would B.Com graduates find such jobs and good salaries?

Banks and Business Consultancies are essential hunting grounds for jobs for such graduates. Educational institutions also seek such graduates to fill up teaching roles at different levels.

Further, Industrial Houses and Public Accounting Firms will employ the graduates. Policy Planning and Foreign Trade, Merchant Banking, and Marketing need such professionals. Budget Planning and Inventory Control, Working Capital Management, Treasury and Forex Department besides Investment Banking require their services.

After Acquiring higher and additional related degrees

A single degree is hardly sufficient to fight the 21st-century employment battles! It is a specialized world and everybody in search of better opportunities and higher education.

An inexperienced graduate, though he is completing the course and internships well, may find it hard to get good placements. Individual good institutions set up the trainees professionally with leading companies.

Studying further for Chartered Accountant, M.Com, or MBA requires time and investment but would improve career chances astronomically.

Company Secretary or Cost and Management Accountant, and Masters in Computer Applications would help enormously. Bachelors or Masters in Law are good additional degrees that are related to the business field.

Beginning salaries for B.Com graduates

Depending upon the luck factor and connections with the industry, the initial payment for a fresh B.Com graduate may range from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 25,000 per month. Career progress is fastest in the business world, and quick promotions may be expected a few years down the road.

A lot depends upon individual skills of communication, language, and soft skills that the present world believes so much in. Degrees may be essential pieces of paper, but they are crucial too.

The world judges based upon results and sales figures are essential in the business scenario. Human resources also present ample opportunities since money, materials, equipment, services, and people are critical to any business activity.

A few common job designations for graduates

  • Accountant
  • Marketing executive
  • Sales officer
  • Commercial manager
  • Purchase officer
  • Inventory manager

Which companies require the services of B.Com graduates?

  • Automobile companies
  • Hospitality industry
  • Media services like television companies
  • Information Technology Services
  • Insurance Services
  • Telecommunication Services and BPO’s
  • Manufacturing Services
  • Government Services
  • Accounting and Auditing
  • Tax Advisory Services
  • Financial Services
  • Commercial Banking
  • International Banking

Best Jobs after Bcom and Salary in the industry

Job markets work like the weather with no certainty. Along with luck and exceptional performance in the training institutions, excellent internships, and professional duties, business connections would help. Jobs after Bcom and Salary depend upon the companies and the competition. Source

  • In terms of rupee incomes annually, an experienced Accountant would draw a median salary of about Rs. 235,000 that works out to over Rs. 19,000 per month.
  • An Operations Manager handles greater responsibility and may draw an annual income of over Rs 660,000, and that amounts to Rs. 55,000 per month.
  • A Financial Analyst may be attracting an annual salary of over Rs. 384,000, and it works out to a monthly income of Rs. 32,000.
  • A Finance Manager earns much more in comparison, and emoluments may reach over Rs. 1,014,000 annually. That means a monthly income of Rs. 84,500.
  • An Accounts Executive could expect to earn over Rs 232,000 annually that leads to a monthly income of over Rs. 19,000.
  • The annual salary of an Executive Assistant could amount to over Rs 338,000. That would mean a monthly income of over Rs. 28,000.
  • A Human Resources Manager could expect to earn an annual income of over Rs 685,000, amounting to over Rs. 57,000 each month.

Mega-companies that pay hefty salaries!

The internet and the retail business online and offline are enough to convince of the multi-billion dollar business that has become the pivot of the modern world.

While enterprises are challenging to set up, many start-ups are doing phenomenally well, specific trades like handicrafts are languishing. It is necessary to protect the interests of the citizens, and that is why government subsidies are provided for medicines and cooking gas.

Setting the trends for Jobs after Bcom and Salary

A very recent example of Reliance offering affordable phones, calling and data packages changed the scenario, and the other telecommunications companies reduced tariffs too. Once a trend begins, there is no stopping it. Conversely, if companies pay high salaries, that becomes the yardstick.

Consider the salary ranges in a few companies and compare them. Genpact annual salaries range from Rs. 171,000 to Rs. 1 million. Capgemini pays between Rs. 215,000 to Rs. 2 million.

Tata Consultancy Services Limited pay range stretches between Rs. 214,000 to Rs. 1 million while Accenture pays between Rs. 207,000 to Rs. 1 million. All the figures represent annual incomes in Indian rupees.

Gathering qualifications and experience Jobs after Bcom and Salary

Acquiring a graduation degree in commerce after Class 12 or PUC is undoubtedly the beginning only of a lifelong career battle.

Learning from experiences and the media, seniors, meetings, and industry interactions would gradually develop the range of realistic understanding of market conditions.

After some years of working experience, it is found that many avenues open up for promotions or higher studies in a regular college or through distance education.

Choose specializations and courses, companies, and bosses carefully. Dream Jobs after Bcom and Salary would come sooner or later with additional dedicated study and work experience.

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