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Salary of Radio Mirchi RJ from Fresher level to Expert in Metro Cities

Wondering what the perks of a Radio Jockey are? If you have been looking for the salary of Radio Mirchi RJ Salary from freshers to expert level, then this article will provide you detailed information about it.

Being one of the fascinating careers for youngsters these days, the salaries of RJ is mesmerizing. However, salaries depend from person to person and their experience as well. Before we discuss the salary, you need to know the educational qualification required to become a Radio Jockey in metro cities.

What are the educational requirements to become an RJ?

To become a Radio Jockey, there is no need for any educational degree. However, with time, it is compulsory to have one degree. It is because of increasing competition in this particular industry.

If you have research about the present scenario, then you will come to know that there are about 8 to 10 popular Radio stations in each of the metro city. Thousands of candidates are fighting against each other to get a single position in either of the radio stations.

So what could be the best option so that you can have the edge over your competitors? You should take some voice over courses or short term workshop to be the preferable choice in this industry. Another class that is suitable for this is mass communication.

Salary of a radio jockey in India

Now probably the central part of this article is the Radio Mirchi RJ Salary section. As it has been discussed earlier that the amount of money you will get ultimately depends on your experience and skills. Being a beginner, you will surely not get the perks that your senior will get.

When talking about Radio Jockey salary depends on the popularity of the radio station. In other words, reputation determines the amount of pay you will get.

However, with thorough research, it has been found out that the average starting salary for any freshers working in this radio station is around 20-25 k. Besides the salary, one can also earn around 5K for show.

Some of the popular radio stations in India, such as Radio Mirchi, All India Radio, Red FM, Radio City, 91.1 FM, etcetera where a beginner can expect around 25 to 30k per month. Source

However, the above indicating list might depend upon your qualification and experience in the field.

Now, as you develop your skills instead, once you establish yourself as a famous radio jockey, then this will surely be the best profession for you. A famous Radio Jockey can expect a minimum salary of 3 lacs and can earn up to 5 lacs from the Radio stations.

Besides that, there are also other events where the Radio Mirchi RJ Salary can take part to make his pocket hot all the time. From participating in the opening ceremony, advertisements, voice over, etc Radio Jockey can have a handsome amount of money.

To be a successful radio jockey, the potential skill that a person requires is interaction. Moreover, you must have the excellent vocal quality to conduct shows.

The overall success or failure of the show depends on the way you handle the various challenges and controversies. So, from the above, it can be concluded that there is no limit of earning in this profession. It all depends on your skills and expertise to be a successful Radio Jockey.

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