Best Mutual Funds In India

What Are The Best Mutual Funds In India?

Best Mutual Funds In India can be stated as one of the best investment options present for investors in terms of flexibility towards investments and also through different kinds of risk/return models available.

Based on your risk profile and longevity of holding period for any mutual fund scheme, you can choose between various debt, equity, and balanced funds available in the market. Equity funds require a holding period of at least five years while balanced funds need 3-4 years, and debt funds 2-3 years of holding.

Investment in mutual funds offers you with a lucrative way for growing your financial state, which is why it is gaining so much popularity in recent times.

But, before investing you must remember to get into the insights of your investment objective like the chosen schemes past performance, fund type, and fund house and expense ratios so that you land upon the best mutual funds in India.

In India, there are so many fund houses offering various schemes.

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Few best performing mutual funds in India are listed below:

1. ICICI Prudential Focused Bluechip Equity: This is purely a large-cap equity fund with a risk grade below average and returns grade above average.

It has a return scale of 18.83% for an investment pan of 5 years. Currently, it focuses on healthcare, energy, and financial sectors.

2. Birla Sun Life Frontline Equity: This is also a large-cap equity fund with both risk and returns grade of medium scale.

It mainly focuses on financial and energy sectors but also holds good exposure to automobiles and consumer durables, and even healthcare and software. It is one of the best mutual funds in India.

3. Franklin India Prima plus Fund: This is a multi-cap and diversified equity fund with a low-risk grade and average returns grade.

It has a returns scale of almost 21.10% for five years of the investment term. It focuses mainly on the financial sector but also has excellent exposure to healthcare and telecom sectors.

4. Tata Balanced Fund: This is a balanced fund with an average risk grade and higher than average returns grade.

It focuses mainly on financial, energy, and construction sectors but also has exposure to contrarian software and pharma.

5. UTI Treasury Advantage Fund: This is an ultra-short-term fund and is a good option for the ones planning for a short-term requirement of around one year.

The risk grades are below average, and the returns grades are well above average. It is perfect for quick returns.

The above listed mutual funds can serve the purpose of a guide towards the selection of a mutual fund.  But any investment should be made after considering your personal life and financial goals, assessing your needs and matching it with your fund’s objectives. Source

An important decision can only be made by selecting the best mutual funds in India, which best suits your overall financial plan and risk appetite.

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