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How To Claim Car Insurance In India?

As we know, now a day motor insurance has become compulsory in all over the world. The motor is one of the most purchased products in India. Because the population is increasing day by day and so the demands of the vehicles. Because of that, the value of motor insurance is growing up.

Insurance is a good cover which can provide a reasonable premium for your loss. We can’t stop the incident which is happening in the future with our motor. But we can make future policies to cover the damage of our asset by insurance.

Since most of the people do not know everything about the insurance policy and how to claim car insurance in India after any incident. They can get their insurance claiming by following the below process.

Process For Claiming Car Insurance In India

  • First of all, as a policyholder, you have to fill a form and attach all the documents which are requested by the insurance company to inform about your loss. If you want to claim for damages to your car, you have to notify the company first. But if your vehicle is stolen and you want a claim of your stolen car, you have to file a complaint to the police about the theft first.
  • After that the insurance company will send a surveyor to know about your loss. Then the surveyor will prepare a report and pass it to the insurer. If the damages require immediate action the insurer will give you instructions about repairing of your car. For the stolen car, you have to submit your FIR to the insurance company. Then the insurance company will assign an investigator to investigate about your stolen car.
  • After the repairing of the vehicle, you have to take the duly signed bills and the documents from the garage. And pass it to the surveyor who will submit it to the insurance company. For the stolen car you have to wait for the claim to be approved.
  • For claiming the insurance of a damaged car, after submitting all the documents, the insurance provider will check that all the documents are on their place or not. If all the documents are on their place, the insurer will reimburse your bills. For the stolen car, after the claim is approved, you have to submit the RC book, duplicate keys and a subrogation letter to the insurance company. After completing all the formalities, the insurance company will disburse your claim.

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